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2014 Chevy GMC 1500 Leveling Kit

2014 Chevy GMC 1500
2014 Chevy GMC 1500

 Whats going on guys Were here at my brothers house And he just bought a new truck Let me show you 2017 GMC Denali And hes already inside.

Hes putting in a little under seat tray he got off eBay But its the 6.2 liter V8 truck Four wheel drive With the magnetic ride control So what were actually doing in this video Is were going to install a leveling kit Here on the front of the truck And Ive got things set up here on the tailgate And Ill show you the parts that were going to use.

Ok, so here's the kit that were using Its front a company called Suspension Max. There's the part number SMX-GM725M They say this is for the magnetic ride control And that's important because there is a little ride height sensor Connected to the control arm. And in this kit they give you These little brackets Basically is what they are These bolt to a tab on the control arm And then your ride height sensor bolts to these other tabs right here. And they give you a little list here in the instructions.

A little diagram here To show you the bolt hole locations for the sensor For the different lift positions of this kit It is an adjustable kit These are the spacers that go above the coil-over. So these bolt to the lower control arm. And relocated the lower mounting position of the coilover. An inch and a half up These alone will give you 1.5. And then you can go as much as adding another inch. With these spacers right here. So this is really all thats in the kit Some brackets, some spacers More brackets Hardware And some instructions here. So well show you how to install all this stuff.

So this truck, as I mentioned does have the magnetic ride control Which is that little arm right there So thats one way that you do know that you do have magnetic ride control So, first thing were going to do The directions actually tell you To work both sides at the same time For our purposes its easier just do one side at a time They dont specify why We need to do both sides at the same time However, to make things go easier.

We're going to disconnect the sway-bar Ok, 15mm wrench and socket. You will need a socket on the bottom because There is a little bit of a pocket right down there But 15mm wrench and socket to get that off. So well start there. So thats all we need to do. You just need to take the top little bushing and nut off You dont need to remove anything else from the swaybar.
2014 Chevy GMC 1500
2014 Chevy GMC 1500

 Next on the list is were going to remove The strut from the lower control arm 2 bolts there, 15mm socket or wrench Whatever you want to use And well pull those out So with the bolts out weve got two little caps there Theyre basically captured nuts. We need to remove those This one little clip here, this wire This goes into the top of the shock. For the magnetic ride control.

That clip needs to be undone So that we can get the little spacers on later on So with that one clip undone For the wiring 3 nuts here that hold the coil-over to the frame. We need to get those off Its a 18mm nut So 18mm wrench or socket Now we have to remove the ride height sensor. Only from the lower control arm mounting point And its just a 10mm box end wrench And that little tab on the control arm is actually threaded So you just twist that out So our strut assembly is completely free This is the part where were going to add the spacers.

We are only doing a 2 lift So we are only adding 2 spacers. This part, which spaces the strut The little coilover. This spaces it at the control arm end This alone give you an inch and half of lift And as I mentioned in the beginning of this video These spacers make this lift kit This leveling kit I should say, adjustable Were only doing 2 inches. So, inch and a half, plus a half. Theres our 2 So were going to drop the strut Away from the bucket here on the frame And put our two spacers in.

2014 Chevy GMC 1500
2014 Chevy GMC 1500
 Go ahead So this is dropped away We need to pull the little wire down through And then we slip our spacers in place So theres one And theres two So well put that strut back in place Dont forget to push your cord there we go Up and through This frame is nasty Alright, that nut is started So as you just saw This part is best with two people Weve got the nuts The new nuts that came in the kit Were just using those to help hold it in place for now Were going to leave them loose And well tighten them down at the end All we need to do is put our spacer plate underneath the strut there.

Were prying on the lower control arm from the frame Where it connects to the frame Using a block of wood here That seems to work well for us Alright, here we go Got enough Got it One thing I do want to point out here If you remember earlier when we took the swaybar Or we disconnected the swaybar You can see how much space we now have With the swaybar loosened up like that. It helps a lot Once those are in place Its just a little 14mm wrench and socket Well get those snugged down. Ok, so the side with 4 holes Its the third one up Yes yeah, that one right there That ones actually threaded That ones threaded? Thats the one that was threaded Is it going? Yeah Yeah its going So one thing that is strange about these little brackets they give us One of the holes is threaded While all the others are not.

So it does seem a little strange Im not sure why they did that Maybe cost reasons or something But in this case our hole is threaded For the amount of lift were using So, were just going to thread this in If its not threaded they do give you a nut That you use to bolt this lever to the bracket Alright, so we just put a little bit of a slight load on the suspension.

Now were just going to tighten down our swaybar Well this is it, were all done So I know this is not exactly an apples to apples comparison We have a 2017 GMC and then my 2014 GMC The 2017 is 4 wheel drive Mines 2 wheel drive But, my suspension is completely unmodified The trucks are very similar Its not an apples and oranges comparison.

We're talking new apples versus old apples So its as close as we can get We did forget to get measurements before we started the installation But you can tell just by looking at the wheel well openings Let me get over here The gap I should say Between the tire and the wheelwell And the tire and the wheelwell You can tell thats much different Hoods are a little bit different height. I mean its basically 2 And it did do a pretty good job of leveling out the truck. If I had to say, its maybe still a little nose down But Im fine with that And more importantly my brothers fine with that Its his truck.

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