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2017 Dodge RAM 1500 Night Edition vs Ford F-150

Okay, here we are inside the RAM 1500 now this is the 4x 2 sport edition which means it's about the mid-range as far as pricing and features. It does not have four-wheel drive though, unlike the ford which we drove earlier. Now the change in interior cabins is rather dramatic, the design ideology between both is extremely different. Is one better than the other? well in this case I would say yes. The dodge does have some cheap plastics and it also kind of is like jellyfish inspired curves.

I just find a little bit, too bulbous for me. Personal preference th
ough. Let's go ahead and power it on because it's getting hot in the desert here. [grunts] let's let's hear that again. I'm sorry was I saying something about the ford versus the ... Yeah I don't even know what I was talking about.

2017 Dodge RAM

2017 dodge ram

I'll tell you what I want to do though. Traction control off. Drive on. Ohhh! That sound! Does it have a hemi? yeah it's got a hemi. Now the looks between the f- 150 and the dodge ram are of course totally subjective. Personally I rather like the streamlined hood of the dodge, especially on this model with the blacked-out grille. I think it looks pretty tight. The F- 150 is looking pretty common these days. Although ford looks to fix that in 2018 with a new exterior redesign, but for now this one wins in the looks department.

Now the model we're driving today does have the hemi V 8 and it is a powerful motor: 395 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque. And that sound all wanting to release under the hood -- it is epic. I don't care what you think about the F- 150... It doesn't make that sound. So yeahgood job RAM. You can also get this truck with a really cool turbo diesel, that is not yet an option in the f- 150 so kudos to RAM for giving not just equal to the f- 150 but actually going above and beyond in certain key areas. Though you can get this truck with either a 6-speed or 8-speed automatic the one we're driving is the 8-speed and it's just fin. It's an automatic transmission and it does what you want when you want which is kind of the whole point of an automatic.

Does it have cool tiptronic shifting and all that stuff? nono it doesn't. But it will let you tow up to ten thousand five hundred pounds as equipped that is what's impressive. Now when I think of the RAM 1500 for some reason I always think of it as a small midsize pickup, but in fact this is a full-size truck. It's the same size basically as the ford f- 150. Now unfortunately the truck we have today does not have all-wheel drive it just has two wheel drive, but you know what? that's never stopped me from going offroad.

Dodge (RAM) does make the rebel and the rebel is their equivalent of the ford raptor. That's the one that's designed for taking jumps and basically being a serious off-road bro. So let's go ahead and take this up into the mountains anyway, because why not it's a truck, I'm sure he'll be fine. So now is the time to reach a decision.

Do we go with the ford f- 150 which cost about fifty two thousand dollars or this the RAM which is about forty seven thousand but doesn't have all-wheel drive. Best-selling truck in america since the dawn of time. Up-and-comer. Boxy. Streamlined. Hood snouts. Really big headlights.

Ford F-150

2017 ford f-150 raptor

You know the decision is really difficult. But at least there is one important thing that you have to consider when you are shopping for a truck -- there are unique differences when it comes down to very specific options. You want a turbo diesel? you've got to get the RAM. You can't get that with the F- 150. Ford they have apple car play.

Dodge (RAM) does not. Although the system built in the car is really goodno car play. Sorry, I like car play. So personally, which one would I go with? oh it's hard! I love the exhaust sound of the RAM 1500it is just every single time I hit the throttle I'm like yes! The f- 150... Nobody's going to make a mistake buying an f- 150 it's a great truck. They thought of everything. So I can't string you along for two episodes and not come up with a decision. So I will now make a decision. Ford f- 150... RAM 1500... I can't make up my mind!

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